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Photo of the Week: Create

Another week of wonderful photos.  I missed last week, I don’t really know where last week even went.  But this week’s topic is “Create”.  I figured I could post more photos of my coop, and everything I have created in that department, but instead I thought I would show you all how I created a princess paradise for my daughter.  She loves it and I hope you do too.

I borrowed an old-school over-head projector from the local library and traced various Disney characters onto her wall. I painted them all by hand over the course of two weeks, when I wasn’t trying to catch up on my housework and take care of Beanie and then infant Bubba

Even Bubba likes the room…prob because it’s been off-limits for so long because of wet paint!

you can’t really see the fox or the hound…but they’re back there!

after I was done I even created a snack. Yeah. It was pretty yummy.

Butterflies on a rainy day

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything.  It could be my husband joking about how I’ve gotten myself sucked into the blogosphere, or maybe it was the stress of planning and executing my daughter’s 5th birthday party.  Perhaps the fact that I’ve been the ultimate slacker where our chickens are concerned, falling victim to perfection’s evil brother “good enough”.  We installed our gravity feeder, only to have to reach in and manually pull food out each morning and evening.  The watering system exists, but only in my mind.  It doesn’t do the chickens much good there.

We’ve been making slow progress on the downstairs bathroom remodel, tile is laid, grout is down, and now it’s just a few more hours of picking specks of grout out of the tiles with a tiny screw driver so it doesn’t drive me crazy for the next 30 years and we can seal it!

Instead of hitting any of these issues, I looked out the window into the rain and decided to brighten up our house with an art project.  I found this cute site for making coffee filter butterflies and the kids were more than happy to join my painting party.

Materials Needed:

Coffee Filters

Water Color Paint kit (and water)

Pipe Cleaners

Paper Towels

optional: Paper plates

The first step isn’t essential, but Bubba insisted that the cars get all lined up to watch the project.

Next flatten the paper coffee filters and paint them with water-color paints. I flattened them onto plates for easier clean-up.

Be sure to use lots of water to blend your colors, and take care to get all the way to the edges. Painting faces is also an option if you’re 2 1/2.

Lay them out on paper towels to dry. I let them dry overnight just to draw the project out for another day but it wasn’t necessary (neither was blowing on them…but I wasn’t about to tell Bubba).

After they’re dry fold them back and forth accordian style about 1/2 in.
Take a pipe cleaner, fold it in half and place the center of the folded filter into the crook of the pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner several times and shape the ends of the antenna.

Beanie showing off her finished butterflies.

Bubba gives us a “one-eyed only” smile and shows off his new haircut.

When you’re finished hang your summer butterflies around the house. We used thread to hang them in the windows. The sun shining through the colorful wings really brightens up the room.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

This photo was taken by Deanna Watson back when Beanie was just waiting to see if Bubba was going to be a brother or a sister.

Beanie recites another poem.

Homeschooling has been winding down. We’re not going to stop for the summer, but will slow down and cut back hours.  The unit on poetry has been great for Beanie. We’re working on memorization as well as public speaking skills, speaking clearly and slowly (this one is tough, especially when she gets excited, but she’s doing pretty great). She picks a poem from Random House’s Treasury of Best-Loved Children’s Poems to memorize and then gets very excited to video-tape and post it to facebook for her grandparents to see.  This week she chose Daddy Fell into the Pond, by Alfred Noyes.  Be sure to check out Beanie’s poem on youtube.

For math we’ve made it through the Orange and Red books with Miquon Math as well as 101 things every first grader should know about math.  I like the Miquon system.  It gives good pages for review and self-guided work.  However, if you’re considering buying it keep in mind that it isn’t a stand alone as far as I’m concerned.  I am able, quite easily, to focus more attention on items she struggles with before moving on.  So for us it works well.

Miquon Math Red book, photo from We bought the full set of miquon books 1-3rd grade and math rods on amazon after price checking.

This week Beanie wanted to work on money again so we took out the coins and played shop for a while.  She also visited a great game for counting coins on abcya!  There are a bunch of fun (mostly educational) games on that site.  Another favorite of mine is the synonyms/antonyms game.  This site breaks the games into grade levels, and is a fun reward for her when she gets other work done.

Wed and Fri my husband is off work and they’re excited to talk about bees then go on a bee hunt and sample some honey (from our kitchen most likely but still delicious).  Silent reading is almost over, and Baby is awake so I should sign off.  Beanie and I hope you enjoy the poem!

The Courtesies That Mankind Forgot

So much of this is spot on, why rewrite when I can just repost? Hope you enjoy it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Bubba and Beanie playing in the sunshine on the deck.

If You Build It, They Will Roost

Mu hubby installed the new feeder (we still have the small one in there for Teeny Weenie) and roosts!  It looks pretty good, even if it’s a tad crowded.  My only fear is that the roosts are over the feeder…I don’t want them pooping directly into it.  We’ll see how it goes, and may have to remodel our roost placement.  I’ll take some shots tomorrow if it isn’t raining.

On a less than happy note Teeny Weenie, our midget silkie is still much much smaller than her silkie cousins, all born around the same time.  She also has a strange tick, she waggles her head around quite a bit.  I’m worried there may be something wrong with her brain…she still cheeps and eats and drinks.  Have any of you heard of this type of thing?