So I tried to take a photo of this but my camera is at my parents and my husband’s has no memory card (because I stole it and put it into my camera) but there were two bloody stools in the coop this morning.  They had to belong to one (or 2) of the original flock members b/c the new two are separated still…though one got in with the big girls and was not too kindly received.  So after on-line research it’s either nothing…or fatal…awesome.

The girls are getting pretty big, I’m wondering if they will pass blood before they begin to lay.  Any of you chicken veterans out there have any advice or suggestions for me?

On another note.  I hate fixing plumbing problems…however if you don’t fix them they begin to pile up…now we have something to fix in every room in the house with running water (minus the laundry room, thank God)  Guess I know what I’ll be doing in September.