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Let there be EGGS!!!

We’ve been getting 4-6 eggs a day! Our original 8 girls are laying, notice the beautiful Green Eggs that Mrs.Dr.Bearface our Easter Egger is producing. So pretty.

and yummy…eggs are cooking, gotta run!
Have a great week everybody!


The new girls

Well they haven’t been accepted into the flock yet, but here they are…

We named her Annie Oakley because the kids love the musical Annie Get Your gun, and she sure looked like a hawk to me.  Little Sure Shot has a hawk-eye, so it only seemed fitting.  The question is what is she?  We don’t know what breed this is, so any guesses?

We also got this.

Meet Aretha Franklin.

No,  not this one…


this one! She is a sweet polish hen. We’re considering adopting the other polish from my uncle…but we’ve had the two new girls for a week now and they still aren’t very accepted by the original flock. We had to put out a second watering dish because they were literally guarding it and not letting the young two take a drink…bullies. She’s easy to catch and hold too because those feathers make it really easy to sneak up on her!




Gift In the Nest Box

Guess who laid the first egg…

Proud “Big Mama”, one of our two Barred Rock hens, earned her name by laying our first egg!!

She even did it in the right spot!!! But as you can see, she scratched all the straw out of the way and plopped it right onto the hardwood floor…which made a teeny crack in the shell. Anybody out there have this same problem, or any solutions for me. I’ve been putting more straw in the boxes but they’re dragging it out into the hen-house.

It was a pretty good size egg! I would say at least a med egg you’d get from the store, maybe even a large.

Thanks big mama!!

So what do you think Bubba?