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I remember reading a post a long while back that talked about an additive to put in the water, that is also antibacterial.  Does anyone know what that may be?




Carnage in the Coop

Well it’s never what you want to see checking on the chickens in the morning…feathers…dead bodies strewn about…I guess we made out pretty well losing only three of our girls.  Unfortunately they were some of the prettiest, and one was my favorite.  It looks like raccoons and my husband is picking up a no-kill trap from his parents house today after he gets off work, so we can get that all set up.  I do have to say I hate daylight savings time, because now, having to let them out of the coop in the morning is an early rise…and I’m lazy.  My uncle is going to donate a few more girls to our flock (they were set for the slaughter, so happy day for them).  So long cute little chickens…

Mrs. Dr. Beardface


Dinner and Mrs. Dr. Beardface were the top of the food chain. I like to think they saved the rest of the flock from the raccoons. You were good girls.  Beardface would run over and want to be pet, she also loved to be held.  She was my favoite.


And Finally Aretha Franklin joined her friends Annie Oakley and Rainbow.

I guess it’s all a part of the circle of life…the cats did leave two dead rats in the front yard yesterday, maybe some little rat community is just as bummed as our five year old.



They Learned The Hard Way…

I kept telling them not to roost in the apple tree.  In fact, most nights I would go out there and physically remove them from the high branches of the tree and put them in the coop.  Unfortunately this was not the case the night before last…and now we are two chickens lighter.  I’m not sure who got them, but they were def. got by something.  There were many tell-tale feathers.  It looks like one of the polish chickens was dragged under the bushes outside the run, and the other (Annie Oakley) may have been chased a bit as there were feathers on the top of the fence and then along the ground also leading into the bushes.   Our guess is raccoons, so we’ll be locking the girls in at night, at least for a while, as the nearby predators now have a taste for blood.  Good news is the other apple-tree-roosting-hen found her own way to the coop.  Nothing like seeing your buddy’s dead body dragged under a bush to make you think twice about your sleeping arrangements.


On a positive note, we’re averaging about 6 eggs a day still, even in the shorter days of Fall.  We have not put in a light yet, and I’m not sure we will get to it in enough time to really have it make a difference in the girls’ laying this winter.  Worst case scenario is we buy a few dozen eggs from the store over the winter months.  But I do have to say with my family of 5 it is nice to be able to throw 8-10 eggs in a skillet for breakfast several times a week!  We’re also tossing a  few chickens into the garden on non-rainey days (they come so often here in Western Washington) now that the harvest is over (we didn’t plant anything to come up in the fall).  It works out great; free greens for the girls.

I realise that by posting a polital blog I may loose some readers, but this should be important to every American.

That Chicken is a BEAST!

We’ve been getting an average of 6 eggs a day from our 8 original layers (nothing yet from the four newcomers)  And such a range of colors.  Every week or so we’re getting the wonderful double-yolk egg.  Yum, just ate one for breakfast this morning or I would have included a photo.  But the great news for today is that one of our girls layed a jumbo egg.  It’s HUGE compaired to the other eggs the kids gathered today.  Check this out.

Well, time to pop them into the steamer for some quick and perfect hard-boiled action, then egg salad for the kids and me.  Yum.

Fresh Hardboiled Eggs don’t peel…but here’s a trick…

Check out this blog.  I tried his steaming method and came out with perfect easy to peel eggs!  I used my rice/veggie steamer and am so happy with the results I just had to pass it on.


Steam Triumphs over Modern Technology!!!!!.

Let there be EGGS!!!

We’ve been getting 4-6 eggs a day! Our original 8 girls are laying, notice the beautiful Green Eggs that Mrs.Dr.Bearface our Easter Egger is producing. So pretty.

and yummy…eggs are cooking, gotta run!
Have a great week everybody!