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Only two

Out of 13 eggs we had 2 hatch yesterday (day 21). The little black one is a cross between the Barred Rock hen and Buff Orphington Roo, and the light one is from either a RIR hen or our red Sex-Linked. We added them in with the lot of 10 serama bantam chicks I got from my uncle and they’re doing just fine. I know this is a lot of chickens but they’re all straight run and some of the hens are going to my cousin down the road along with a couple of they layers that we have now. We’re planning to keep our flock between 6-8 (with 3 serama bantams counting as one full-sized hen for space purposes.) We will update if any more hatch, but it’s looking like just these two.

The ten serama bantams, a few of them are also silkie

The ten serama bantams, a few of them are also silkie

barred rock x BO

barred rock x BO

RIR x BO or Red sex-linked x BO

RIR x BO or Red sex-linked x BO

everybody together and doing fine. :-)

everybody together and doing fine. ūüôā

The new girls

Well they haven’t been accepted into the flock yet, but here they are…

We named her Annie Oakley because the kids love the musical Annie Get Your gun, and she sure looked like a hawk to me.¬† Little Sure Shot has a hawk-eye, so it only seemed fitting.¬† The question is what is she?¬† We don’t know what breed this is, so any guesses?

We also got this.

Meet Aretha Franklin.

No,¬† not this one…


this one! She is a sweet polish hen. We’re considering adopting the other polish from my uncle…but we’ve had the two new girls for a week now and they still aren’t very accepted by the original¬†flock. We had to put out a second watering dish because they were literally guarding it and not letting the young two take a drink…bullies. She’s easy to catch and hold too because those feathers make it really easy to sneak up on her!




Gift In the Nest Box

Guess who laid the first egg…

Proud “Big Mama”, one of our two Barred Rock hens, earned her name by laying our first egg!!

She even did it in the right spot!!! But as you can see, she scratched all the straw out of the way and plopped it right onto the hardwood floor…which made a teeny crack in the shell. Anybody out there have this same problem, or any solutions for me. I’ve been putting more straw in the boxes but they’re dragging it out into the hen-house.

It was a pretty good size egg! I would say at least a med egg you’d get from the store, maybe even a large.

Thanks big mama!!

So what do you think Bubba?









mystery blood…

So I tried to take a photo of this but my camera is at my parents and my husband’s has no memory card (because I stole it and put¬†it into my camera) but there were two bloody stools in the coop this morning.¬† They had to belong to one (or 2) of the original flock members b/c the new two are separated still…though one got in with the big girls and was not too kindly received.¬† So after on-line research it’s either nothing…or fatal…awesome.

The girls are getting pretty big, I’m wondering if they will pass blood before they begin to lay.¬† Any of you chicken veterans out there have any advice or¬†suggestions for me?

On another note.¬† I hate fixing plumbing problems…however if you don’t fix them they begin to pile up…now we have something to fix in every room in the house with running water (minus the laundry room, thank God)¬† Guess I know what I’ll be doing in September.

and then there were ten…

Two more chickens…photos to come…

D-Day for Willie-Blue CAUTION: GRAPHIC

This morning Willie-blue, the second largest silkie chicken, let out a crow while I stood in the coop calmly waiting.   He got to spend his last day in the other pen munching on fresh greens and bugs while the girls remained on their pecked-down-to-nothing side of the pen.  Beanie and her Daddy watched a few youtube videos about how to best kill a chicken and talked about the circle of life.  She (opposite of how I thought she was going to react) was right there with Daddy every step of the process.

Willie-Blue gets a calm walk to execution-land. But in all seriousness he was a very sweet chicken and we all (Beanie included) gave him a nice pat and told him thank you for feeding us.

“Hey, what are you guys doing down there?”

Quick swing around and the neck is broken. We decided this was the fastest and most humane way to kill him.

Beanie got a very visual lesson about the nervous system. She also enjoyed the anatomy lesson, observing the heart, liver, kidneys and spine.

Sorry baby, you can’t help.

Off the with head to drain the blood. Shiloh was very interested as you might imagine.  She gobbled up the heart and any other scrap that hit the ground.

as evidenced by the teeeeeny chicken breast…silkies were not meant to be meat birds…come to think of it they’re not meant to be laying birds either. Good thing they’re pretty.

Beanie marveled at how soft the feathers were.  Even now, as I type and my husband skins the chicken, she is ouside collecting the feathers to take to her secret fort in the woods.

UPDATE:¬† He wasn’t the only one!!!!¬† There was another crow from the coop today!¬† Booo!!!

Well…I guess I’ll have to learn to cook black chicken…

Most chickens look like the ones we find in grocery stores, but not Silkies.¬† They’ve got black skin…and guess who is practicing his pathetic crow on a daily basis?

This Guy

He had always been the biggest of our three Silkies¬†so I can’t say that I’m surprised.¬† What I’m still trying to figure out is if he is the only one.¬† One of our Barred Rocks is a bit bigger than the other and (s)he has a slightly bigger comb than the other one.¬† The rest of the girls(?) are doing really well.¬† Here are some shots I took yesterday.¬† Sorry for the lull in posting but it’s summer and I have three kids.

The chickens enjoy a giant handful of weeds every day, along with table scraps as they’ve already stripped the ground to dirt in their current side of the run.

Dinner (who may not end up getting eaten after all) and our Easter Egger behind her. (Notice the weird funny beard on the Easter Egger)

You talkin’ ta me!?
(SLW, Easter Egger, BR butt)

I wish I could tell you which RIR this is…but they all look so similar now. Polly is still a bit smaller than the other two. I hope that doesn’t mean she’ll be a poor layer.

Aurora our beautiful Welsumer going after the greens.

Now I suppose it’s just a waiting game to see if there are more crows before our backyard turns into a mobile slaughter house.