We live in Washington.  If you’ve never made it out this way I recommend it.  The beautiful mountains, the ocean, the dense magical forest, and there’s something else you may have heard about our wonderful Washington State…oh yeah it RAINS.  ALL THE TIME.  I don’t mind the rain, I’ve grown up in it.  Honestly I didn’t even realize it rained this much until I went off to college to a state where it didn’t rain every day.  Well, now I’m back and had once again gotten used to the rain.  What I was not used to was


Well, the kids and I worked on something today and here it is!


Bella and Bubba shovel some ashes into the new chicken bathtub.


Add some dirt…


mix it up


mix it a little more…


let baby loose in the chicken yard… (he was so happy, the chickens…not so much)


apparently kids like dirt baths too.


a lot.


the girls weren’t too sure about it, but I hope they’ll like it…if it ever stops raining long enough for me to open it up for them.


then again, if it didn’t rain so much baby couldn’t spend fifteen minutes throwing rocks into the ocean…or gravel into the driveway puddle…

On a side note, the have a heart trap has managed to catch a squirrel, a chicken, and the neighbor’s cat.   However, it has yet to catch a raccoon.  Maybe it’s hiding to stay out of the rain.