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Washington wildflower

Washington wildflower

Photo of the week: Movement

Here is a shot of my daughter learning how to play baseball.  she hit this one!

photo of the week:  movement


Photo of the Week: Create

Another week of wonderful photos.  I missed last week, I don’t really know where last week even went.  But this week’s topic is “Create”.  I figured I could post more photos of my coop, and everything I have created in that department, but instead I thought I would show you all how I created a princess paradise for my daughter.  She loves it and I hope you do too.

I borrowed an old-school over-head projector from the local library and traced various Disney characters onto her wall. I painted them all by hand over the course of two weeks, when I wasn’t trying to catch up on my housework and take care of Beanie and then infant Bubba

Even Bubba likes the room…prob because it’s been off-limits for so long because of wet paint!

you can’t really see the fox or the hound…but they’re back there!

after I was done I even created a snack. Yeah. It was pretty yummy.