I am convinced that my son is fully able to stay dry all day. I know he can do this because we have been out for entire days, Safeway, YMCA, library story time, an hour at the park, home, all without accidents.  He can spend the day at my parent’s house, no problems.  But get him around his cousins, and he is almost guaranteed to have at least one, and heaven forbid I spend a day (or even a few hours of a day) away from the house, like I did last night when I took our daughter to Awana club, because the following day will, almost without a doubt, be filled with poop and pee and none of it is going to be in the toilet.

So is it a cry for attention?

Bubba helping Daddy rake the yard.

My little snuggle bug can be the sweetest boy in the world.

He is turning three this summer, and I understand that when he is at my in-laws or with his cousins that the problem is most likely he’s 90% too busy having fun and 10% he just doesn’t feel like it.  But take 7 minutes ago.  I give my son the direction to go try and peepee in the potty.  He tells me no.  I tell him he needs to obey Mommy or he is going to have a timeout.  So he says he will and heads upstairs. 




I give him a one minute head start then follow (fairly certain he did not head to the bathroom as directed) and sure enough he has dumped his milk all over the kitchen floor and pooped in the Lightening McQueen underwear I LITERALLY just got out of the drier and gave to him to put on. (because he’d already soiled 4 pairs today.)


Bubba learning to ski this past winter. Guess what? No accidents while skiing!

My son can do all these amazing things, he’s funny, he loves to sing and dance, he helps my husband with the yard work and gardening, he loves animals and is the sweetest little boy in the world.He can climb anything and has great balance (not so good in that he climbs onto my tables and counters, but good in that he doesn’t fall from the tables and counters once he’s on them) so why can’t (or won’t) he sit on, or stand at, the pot to do his business?

The thing is, I’m sure tomorrow will be fine, just like yesterday was fine…today just isn’t his day.  And I have had enough.  He’s having some time in his room now, and not for pooping in his pants because I’m part of the school that you can’t or shouldn’t punish kids for wetting themselves, but he is in his room for disobeying.  Then again my way of thinking apparently isn’t working out all that well.  He has books to read on his bed and can come back out in twenty or thirty minutes for dinner, but Mommy needs a break.  At this point it’s either a break or a breakdown.


Bubba playing at the beach