My daughter and I just spent a little over an hour cleaning up in the garage while the boys napped and somehow it is still covered with a fine layer of chicken dust.  Bleck.  Thankfully I had to wake up baby for lunch so I had an excuse to take a break.  I’d really like to get it done today so my husband can work out in the morning.  I think we all feel better when we get a chance to workout.

The chicks have survived living outside in their coop!  They’ve stayed in today though as it’s only 53 degrees outside.  Good old Washington weather.  I had the chicken door open for an hour or so but twice had to come to the loud chirping rescue of two little chicks who’d managed to get out of, but who still have no idea how to get back in, the coop.

I got the idea for the PVC pipe feeder from this blog. and we have the materials, just need to install it. We figured we’d wait until the chicks are a bit bigger. (Especially Teeny Weenie who would starve to death if we put this in now.)

There are still a few more things to do, build an automatic watering system, and install the pvc pipe feeder.  However, I just looked over our budget for last month…apparently building a palace for chickens pecks quite a hole in your bank account!  They’d better start laying soon.

The only issue I’ve been having is that they’re still managing to pile shavings into their watering dish at least nightly.  Have you found any way to keep your young ones watered so they can’t clog it up?