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Shamelessly posting photos of my chickens…

Miss. Dr. Beard Face (a la Scrubs) and one of the RIRs

After eating two of our silkies we decided to give teeny weenie to my uncle. She didn’t roost up with the other girls, and we felt bad having her sleep on the ground all alone. She’s getting along well with her new flock. We’re now down to 3 RIR, 2 Barred Rock, 1 SLW, and 1 Welsumer

I’ve never seen a chicken with a beard before…weirdo

Baby loves the chickens, and they all follow him around…though considering the last time he tried to gie him a leaf he got his finger bitten I don’t foresee him trying that again any time soon…then again he is a baby. I don’t think his memory is too well-developed at this point.

It’s been hot this week.

…oh…and these finally bloomed. LOVE IT!
Enjoy the week. And if you get clear skies make sure you check out the meteor shower. My husband and I saw quite a few of them last night. Good times.

Chickens and Crickets and Worms OH MY!

So our baby chicks are two weeks old now, and I am just so shocked every morning when there is something new.  Human babies come out pretty much done, at least mine did, but chickens…one morning they all had ears.  I mean one day fuzzy head, the next day ears.  It has been so crazy.  And the size difference is getting more obvious.  Our Silver Laced Wyandotte is the largest, and most inquisitive, of the flock.

SLW trying to figure out what the thing is that keeps flashing brightly at them.

They were not amused by the camera and all huddled together on one side of the stock tub.  Little Teeny Weenie there on the left side is almost half the size of some of the larger girls.











Teeny Weenie still lives up (or down) to her name, and one of our Rhode Island Reds (I’ve just now decided I should call her Polly) thinks she is a parrot and steps onto my finger then climbs up my arm to nestle at my neck or attempt to sit on my shoulder.  As adorable as it is this behavior does make me nervous as there is almost always a cat watching me hold these birds, and hoping, I’m sure, for one to jump away and into their mouths.

Polly sitting on my finger, showing off her new ear. Hopefully this one doesn’t end up being a rooster, she’s the sweetest one.





I thought it might be cute to put some dandelion greens into their tub today to get them used to eating greens, and then as an after thought I grabbed a couple of worms from under our logs. We’d put a cricket in the tub a few days earlier, but regreted it as some of the bigger chicks then thought the fluff on our silkies feet were bugs, so I thought maybe a worm would be okay.  The kids found out a few weeks ago that the stumps we use out back at our fire pit are a breeding ground for worms.  I could turn one over every other day and find at least twenty. I prob should have grabbed twenty but then the chaos would have just lasted that much longer. When I first put the greens and worms in all the chickens backed up to stare, but as soon as one of our Barred Rocks figured it out it was all over.

What did you just put in here?

It’s mine, I found it first!

Chickens running madly while chirping with worms dangling out of their mouths while the others chased them, trying to steal the prize.  At one point there were 5 pieces of worm and 5 chickens doing the chasing and one Teeny Weenie trying desperately not to get trampled in the melee.  I picked her up and she huddled down, happy to be out of the line of fire.  After the worms were gone the big chicks still went around scratching the ground like mad…I wish they were a little bigger so I could let them outside, but I know this time is going to fly by, just like the last year has flown by.

Baby opens his first ever birthday gift. A puppy and a book from his Great Grandparents in MN.

Baby enjoys his birthday cupcake after Bubba and Beanie blow out the candle for him.

Our baby just turned one yesterday.  I know that if the last year felt like no time at all, these chicks are only going to be chicks for a few more blinks.  I’ll enjoy the time I have while they still want to snuggle…chickens and kids.

I love my son…I do…part 2

I just thought I would update everyone out there on the finale of our day-o-urine.  Bubba was picking up the last of his legos while I changed baby’s diaper and put him to bed.  Well…as I’m backing out of the baby’s room and closing the door for the night, my son comes down the hall with the big bow-legged steps that scream I don’t want these piss-stained pants to touch my legs.  Sure enough I ask him if he went pee pee and he says yes.  So I ask him where he pee’d and he says “In mine pants.”  Obviously.  Obviously you pee’d in your pants, “Yes, but where in the house did you pee pee?”  “In the garage.”  Wonderful.  The garage.  “But it’s okay mama, I cleaned it up.”  Not really knowing what that meant I cleaned Bubba up then went downstairs to investigate.

This is what I found: he got into and out of the garage. Not uncommon...also not allowed.















He did cover his mess with pine shavings...but then I thought...he pee'd right next to the chicks...I hope he didn't throw anything into the tub.













...the chickies didn't seem to mind the giant pile of shavings covered in chicken feed Bubba had given them.

















At least he only fed the cats one scoop of food (into their actual bowls!) and stayed out of the litter box…





I love my son…I do…

I am convinced that my son is fully able to stay dry all day. I know he can do this because we have been out for entire days, Safeway, YMCA, library story time, an hour at the park, home, all without accidents.  He can spend the day at my parent’s house, no problems.  But get him around his cousins, and he is almost guaranteed to have at least one, and heaven forbid I spend a day (or even a few hours of a day) away from the house, like I did last night when I took our daughter to Awana club, because the following day will, almost without a doubt, be filled with poop and pee and none of it is going to be in the toilet.

So is it a cry for attention?

Bubba helping Daddy rake the yard.

My little snuggle bug can be the sweetest boy in the world.

He is turning three this summer, and I understand that when he is at my in-laws or with his cousins that the problem is most likely he’s 90% too busy having fun and 10% he just doesn’t feel like it.  But take 7 minutes ago.  I give my son the direction to go try and peepee in the potty.  He tells me no.  I tell him he needs to obey Mommy or he is going to have a timeout.  So he says he will and heads upstairs. 




I give him a one minute head start then follow (fairly certain he did not head to the bathroom as directed) and sure enough he has dumped his milk all over the kitchen floor and pooped in the Lightening McQueen underwear I LITERALLY just got out of the drier and gave to him to put on. (because he’d already soiled 4 pairs today.)


Bubba learning to ski this past winter. Guess what? No accidents while skiing!

My son can do all these amazing things, he’s funny, he loves to sing and dance, he helps my husband with the yard work and gardening, he loves animals and is the sweetest little boy in the world.He can climb anything and has great balance (not so good in that he climbs onto my tables and counters, but good in that he doesn’t fall from the tables and counters once he’s on them) so why can’t (or won’t) he sit on, or stand at, the pot to do his business?

The thing is, I’m sure tomorrow will be fine, just like yesterday was fine…today just isn’t his day.  And I have had enough.  He’s having some time in his room now, and not for pooping in his pants because I’m part of the school that you can’t or shouldn’t punish kids for wetting themselves, but he is in his room for disobeying.  Then again my way of thinking apparently isn’t working out all that well.  He has books to read on his bed and can come back out in twenty or thirty minutes for dinner, but Mommy needs a break.  At this point it’s either a break or a breakdown.


Bubba playing at the beach